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10 Great Facebook Timeline Competition Ideas
January 5, 2014
10 Great Facebook Contest Ideas You Can Use Right Now

Who doesn't like to enter a competition? The potential to win gets our competitive spirit fired up and engages us right?

In August of last year, Facebook made a HUGE shift in the way it allowed competitions to be run on its platform. You see, Facebook started to allow contests to be run directly on a brand's page timeline without the need for a third-party app.

This change made things much easier for Facebook page owners. Suddenly there was this huge opportunity for brands to boost engagement with their page fans using quick and simple competitions.

Engagement is crucial to your Facebook page success and is one of the biggest factors in the algorithm that determines who gets to see your pages posts.

If a fan of your page comments on, or likes one of your posts, Facebook will notice they are interested in your updates and will update their algorithm accordingly. In the future, that user will see more content from your page when you update.