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5 Ways To Get Great Facebook Fans
December 30, 2013
5 Ways To Get More Great Facebook Fans

Can you get 1.11 billion Facebook fans on your page? Do you really want to?

You see, It is quite easy to set up a good-looking Facebook page - but that is just the first step in a successful Facebook marketing plan.

Even getting likes on your shiny new page is pretty easy to achieve. I see page owners all the time that get obsessed by their like count and how many more new likes they got this month compared with last month, but they miss the bigger picture.

The like count on your Facebook page is a vanity metric though. It looks good but achieves nothing for your page.

You can have one like, a hundred likes or ten thousands likes but if these new fans aren’t engaging with your page and been turned into paying customers they are worthless and you are just spinning your wheels.

If you really want to succeed in your Facebook marketing efforts you need to go beyond getting likes and start getting engaged fans.