3-reason-buying-facebook-likesIf you are in the process of starting up your Facebook page you may have seen services around that offer to give you hundreds or thousands of Facebook ‘Likes’

Now, you may be really tempted to give one of these offers a try if you looking at your page and only your family and friends have liked it so far.

“Should I buy Facebook likes?”

It is a question I have been asked many times by clients and my answer is always the same: absolutely not.

Maybe your page will appear to look popular at a glance but what do you really gain from buying likes? The answer is nothing.

The only reason to start a Facebook page is to connect with genuine fans of your products or service who are interested in what your brand has to say.

These genuine fans will be easier to convert into paying customers or buy a new product or service from you so it really is worth taking the time to engage with them on your page.

By buying likes you are collecting fans who don’t have any real interest in your brand and you will certainly not convert them into paying customers.

I understand why you would want to buy likes. If you are posting good, engaging content to your page and you don’t get any likes, shares or comments it can be hard to take. You think more people will like you page if you have thousands of likes already.

Here are 3 reasons why buying likes is a waste of time:

1, Trust

It is pretty obvious to many people that you paid for likes. If your Facebook page suddenly has a surge of thousands of new fans but no new interaction on your page it’s going to look shady.

The People Talking About This stat right under your cover photo will also give you away.


That number shows how many people engaged with your page over the past week. If you have thousands of fans but only 2 people talking about your page how does that look to new visitors to your page?

You may also find a competitor publicly calling you out for buying likes. Any genuine fans you have would lose trust in you

2, Ethics

If you buy likes you aren’t buying ever real people to like your page. These Facebook profiles are all fake, set up by the company providing the service. These people won’t like, share or comment on any posts you make.

Hopefully this feels wrong to you, buying a community of fans feels insincere to me and does now show any faith in your own brand or abilities to build your own community of real people.

3, Waste of Money

You really are just throwing your money away when you buy likes. You are better off, if you have money to spend to buy Facebook ads and target people who would really appreciate your products or services and turn them into paying customers.

So What Is The Alternative To Buying Facebook Likes?

Hopefully by now I’ve convinced you that buying likes is a waste of time  – but you still want ways to build up your likes.

So let me give you a few ways to build likes using genuine methods:

1, Funnel New Fans From Other Sources

If you are just starting up your Facebook page you should funnel fans from your other sources of traffic online. If you have a website, add a like box and buttons to showcase your page to your visitors.

If you have an email list then start promoting your Facebook page to your subscribers. If you already exist on other social networks start inviting those followers to join your page.

2, Invite People You Know From Facebook.

Assuming you already have a personal Facebook profile you can invite your friends to like your page.


I would be careful who you invite though, make sure you think they are friends who are actually interested in your business and will engage with your page.

3, Advertise Your Page At Your Business

Assuming you have a physical location for your business you can get some signage that tells visitors about your Facebook page. Make sure you have set up the Facebook username for your page first that is easy to type in and remember.

You could even offer an in-store incentive such as a discount to get people to join your page right away on their mobile phones or have a flyer printed directing people to the your Facebook page for a discount coupon.

4, Run a Facebook Page Competition.

Facebook recently changed the rules allowing you to run competitions directly on your Facebook page. There are also a number of good apps by third-party companies now that will allow you to quickly setup a competition to run on your page using a tab.

Competitions are a good way to bring in viral likes, they get shared often among friends on Facebook and can lead to organic growth for your page.

5, Run Facebook Ads.

If you were willing to buy fake likes you should instead use those funds to buy Facebook ads. You can start with a small budget and ramp it up once you have measured your ROI and tweaked your campaigns.


Focus on growing your Facebook page is a natural, organic way. Create good content that will engage visitors to the page and you will soon have a steady, growing community of genuine fans who are very likely to turn into paying customers with the right offers.

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