Trying to create more engagement on a Facebook page is a struggle I hear about daily from small business clients I deal with.

They will add a new post and it is met with a quiet silence. No likes, comments or shares.

A lot of the time I find this to be just a matter of approach and adjusting to a new mindset that comes with social media marketing.

It is easy to forget that social media sites like Facebook have to be approached in a different way than other areas of marketing that a business may use.

In traditional marketing a business is looking to push out a message or promotion and hope that it finds some appeal. It tends to be a one way communication.

In Facebook marketing you are looking to create a two way dialogue with your fans. You need to make sure you are listening, responding and asking questions in an authentic way.

So today I want to give you 5 ways to create more engagement on your page that are quick and easy to implement.

#1 Give A Shout Out To Your Customers

Fan of your page will love it if you feature them in your one of your posts – especially if you can feature their content as well.

For instance, Starbucks showcased a number of theirs fans enjoying one of their beverages in a recent post. Not only did they feature their fans they also promoted their own brand at the same time.


This post got almost 30,000 likes and 400 shares.

Converse also do posts featuring images of their shoes been worn in amazing locations around the world.


#2 Fill In The Blank

This engagement idea has been around now for a long time and has been used by many big brands  – but that is because it works!

Use a short sentence with one word left out and watch the comments pour in.

Here is an example of Jetblue doing a fill in the blank post earlier this year:


According to Simplymeasured who analysed JetBlue’s Facebook posts they averaged an amazing 182% more comments on their posts when they used the fill in the blank type post.

#3 Caption The Photo

This is another tried and tested engagement builder that you can quickly use on your page. Facebook is a very visually driven platform so the caption the photo post ties in nicely with that.

Come up with an interesting photo that resonates with your brand and then ask your fans to provide a caption. You could even offer a prize for the best answer.

Fancy Feast did this type of post earlier this year and scored over 1,600 comments and more than 4,300 shares – pretty amazing considering this type of post takes little time to create.


#4 Post Some Quotes

If there is one thing people really like on Facebook it is a good quote.

Quotes are a good way to engage your fans feelings and getting them hitting that like button. A good quote or two can make fans feel good things about your brand and foster a more intimate connection with your community. They also get shared a lot.

Try to find quotes that speak to your brand. Use some kind of visual by either have the quote in the image or using an image that ties in with the quote in the post.

Marc and Angel do a good job of posting visual quotes that ties in with their posts to inspire and engage.


#5 Like Vs Share Post

Live Vs Share can be an effective way to build a mixture of engagement types. You tell your fans to either like ta post to vote for option 1 or share a post to vote for option 2. The votes are visible to all so fans will feel invested in the outcome

Walmart have used the Like Vs Share technique a number of times to great effect


Walmart used large enticing images with 2 simple options that make it easy for fans to engage. Like Walmart, you can use seasonal images such as ice cream in the summer.

The Like and Share technique also will make fans return to your page to see how the competition is going.

Make sure you pick two similar products that appeal to people with different tastes so that people have to make a choice and can’t just say they like both.

Even if you don’t sell your own products you can use other sources for this technique: Coke Vs Pepsi or Batman Vs Superman.


As you can see creating engagement on Facebook doesn’t have to be a time sink or be overly complicated to execute.

Try to use your imagination and keeps things light and come up with your own spin on the engagement ideas above.

Have you tried any of these engagement ideas on your own posts? If so how did they work out? Do you have any other engagement ideas you would like to share? Let me know in the comments below.

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I believe that social media marketing doesn't have to be complicated, that anybody can do it and see results from it without spending massive amounts of time micro managing it.

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