Can you get 1.11 billion more Facebook fans on your page? Do you really want to?

You see, It is quite easy to set up a good-looking Facebook page – but that is just the first step in a successful Facebook marketing plan.

Even getting likes on your shiny new page is pretty easy to achieve. I see page owners all the time that get obsessed by their like count and how many more new likes they got this month compared with last month, but they miss the bigger picture.

The like count on your Facebook page is a vanity metric though. It looks good but achieves nothing for your page.

You can have one like, a hundred likes or ten thousands likes but if these new fans aren’t engaging with your page and been turned into paying customers they are worthless and you are just spinning your wheels.

If you really want to succeed in your Facebook marketing efforts you need to go beyond getting likes and start getting engaged fans.

Getting people to your page that will really engage with your page and move on to buy your products and services starts with getting the right fans in the first place.

So, let me show 5 ways to get the right fans on your Facebook page:

1, Identify your ideal customer

Knowing who your ideal customer is one of the most important cornerstones of your Facebook page marketing plan. However, many, many business owners end up skipping this step in the rush to launch their online social media platforms.

They never sit down to come up with an ideal customer profile and understand what that person wants, their problems and the solutions they need. They just assume everybody aged 18 – 55 with a heartbeat is a good customer for their products or services. In fact, only a small percentage of the 1.11 billion and counting Facebook users will be a good fit for your business – which is actually a really a good thing.

The more you can nail down the ideal customer the less time and money you will spend attracting them.

Now, coming up with an ideal customer profile doesn’t have to be hard.

Try to answer the following questions:

  • What are their interests and likes?
  • Where do they live?
  • What is their age and gender?
  • Are they married? Do they have kids?
  • Why do they need your products or services? What is their pain?

By answering these questions you can build up a profile of your ideal customer, which you can then target through Facebook ads or other means.

2, Using Graph Search To Find The Ideal Customer

Graph Search was first introduced in March of 2013 and was recently expanded to become a much more powerful tool that can be used by the savvy Facebook page when he is looking to get more targeted fans to his page.

Many page owners I find though either don’t really know how to use Graph Search or aren’t even aware it exists.

Here are just some of the things you can do with Graph Search:

  • Identify your fans favorite interests and hobbies.
  • Learn what other pages your fans like.
  • Identify your competitors.
  • Identify fans of your competitors pages.
  • Learn about the interests and hobbies of competitors fans.
  • Find local places fans of your page have also visited.

As you can see, these kinds of searches can provide some powerful information when it comes to learning more about your existing fans so you can then really focus on attracting more fans just like that.

Also, it stands to reason that if they are fans of your competitors there is a good chance they will want to be a fan of your page also. You know they have an interest in the products or services you provide if they are close to what your competitors are also offering.

Learning what interests and hobbies your pages fans or the page fans of your competitors can be extremely useful. You can paint a picture of your current fans likes and interests and then use the power of Facebook ads targeting to build a fan base who will really enjoy your page.

How To Run A Graph Search:

Using graph search is very easy as long as you use the right phrases. All you have to do is type or copy and paste the following queries in to the top search bar on Facebook.

Identify Your Pages Fans Favorite Interests and Hobbies.

Facebook Search Query: Favorite interests of people who like PAGE NAME

Get engaged facebook fans that you can turn in to customers

Learn What Other Pages Your Fans Like

Facebook Search Query: Pages liked by people who like PAGE NAME

Get engaged facebook fans that you can turn in to customers

Identify Your Competitors.

Facebook Search Query: TYPE OF BUSINESS in LOCATION visited by people who like PAGE NAME

Identify Fans Of Your Competitors Pages.

Facebook Search Query: Fans of PAGE NAME 1 and PAGE NAME 2

Ways To Get Great Facebook Fans

Learn About The Interests of your Competitors Fans

Facebook Search Query: Favorite interests of people who like PAGE NAME 1

Get engaged facebook fans that you can turn in to customers

Find Local Places Fans of your Page or Competitors have also Visited.

Facebook Search Query: Places that are in Place liked by fans of Page Name

There are lots more graph searches you can perform like this that will give you some amazing insights into your own pages fans and those of your competitors.

If you want to learn more about the different graph searches you can perform then click on over to this link – there is a massive list there of different searches you can perform.

3, Pick A Voice For Your Page

The voice of your Facebook page will depend on the ideal customer you have identified above.

For instance, if you are looking to attract 20 something young men you are going to try to keep your Facebook page fun and mostly light. You aren’t going to be posting stories and links about what is happening in the Sudan right now.

Look at the tone of voice Redbull for instance take on their page:

5 Ways To Get Great Facebook Fans

They attract a young, adventurous consumer and that is the focus on their Facebook page posts. Lots of exciting photos and videos featuring their product in amazing locations.

If you are trying to attract an older female audience to do business with your company through your Facebook page you would go with a more mature, feminine voice.

As an example, look at how Dove are using their Facebook posts to attract the ideal female customer they need to drive sales.

Get More Facebook Fans On Your Page

Adjust your voice to the type of fans you want to really attract to your page.

4, Make Sure You Are Creating The Right Content

Following right on from the type of voice you are using on your page, you want to also make sure you are providing relevant, quality content that will attract the right type of fans to your page.

Once you know your ideal customers pain points, you can start creating content that will attract those customers to your page as they hope to find a solution to help heal their pain.

Get More Facebook Fans On Your PageMake sure the content you create is valuable to your audience.

Anybody can post a funny meme to their page but to attract quality fans who you can turn into paying customers you have to offer more value.

In fact, Facebook are going to start penalizing pages that just focus on posting low quality content like memes or viral photos.

I’m not saying you can use these types of post on your page – they generally do achieve good engagement with page fans, but you need to have a good mix of different content types.

Things to keep in mind when picking the right content:

  • Make sure the content you post is relevant to your audience. This will drive engagement.
  • More engagement on your page means your future posts will get more exposure in your fans news feed.
  • Remember fans are seeing your posts in their news feed. Use eye grabbing images and headlines to stand out.
  • Post more to your page so you can avoid the time decay built-in to the Facebook news feed algorithm.

5, Use Facebook Ads To Get Highly Targeted Fans

You can attract targeted fans to your page without using Facebook ads but it will be a lot harder to achieve and take a lot longer.
If you want to see quick results from your Facebook marketing efforts you will need to invest in some advertising.

Compared to other forms of advertising, Facebook ads are fairly cheap, especially considering how well you can target your ads by demographic, location and interests. You certainly can’t do that if you ran an ad in your local newspaper.

I know that some page owners are put off by the Facebook ads section, thinking it is too complicated. I think even Facebook knew that, so they have made it very easy to promote a page once it has been set up without having to know the ins and outs of the ad interface.

Promote Your Page

Right above your cover photo on your page you should see a Promote Your Page box.

Promote your Facebook page

Clicking on the link bring up a light box.

Get More Facebook Fans On Your Page

You can pick the location you want to target your ad to, along with interests, age and gender. Assuming you have a good idea of your ideal customer you should be able to quickly change the options to target the correct audience.

Choose a budget. Depending on how much you spend you will get more likes. You should know your ad will keep running until you stop it unless you put an end date. I suggest a small budget to start and let the ad run for a week to see how effective it has been.

Once you have chosen your audience, budget and start date you can click the Promote Page button and your ad will sent for review.

Boosting A Post

This is another quick way for you to target the right Facebook users to become fans of your page.

Boosting a post is useful if you feel like you have some great content that isn’t reaching as many of your fans or potential new fans as you think it should.

Boosting a post works pretty much the same as promoting your page does.

First click the Boost Post link below any of the posts on your page you would like to promote further.

Boost your Facebook Posts

A light box will appear. You can choose to target People Who Like Your Page And Their Friends or People You Choose Through Targeting. If you pick the latter, more options will appear including, location, interests, age and gender. Again, these should be easy options to quickly select from.

You can choose the maximum budget you would to use to boost your post. Once this budget has been used the post will not longer be boosted unless you add additional funds to keep it boosted.

When the boosted post has been reviewed by Facebook staff it will be shown as a sponsored story in the news feed of the Facebook users you targeted.

These type of ads in the news feed typically get much more engagement than the more traditional sidebar ads, especially if you have chosen a good image and headline.

A few things to keep in mind when it comes to boosting a post:

1, Don’t boost your post right after adding it to your page. Give it some time to see if the post starts to get attention organically.

2, Don’t boost a post if it hasn’t generated any organic engagement at all. Take it as a sign that your fans who did see it show up in their feed didn’t really care for it.

3, Some people may complain you are spamming them if they see you ad in their news feed when they haven’t liked your page yet. The best way to avoid that is by making sure you are really targeting the best audience for your page.


Getting engaged fans doesn’t have to be hard work. If you have a good idea who your businesses ideal customer is and a relative small budget for Facebook ads you can quickly build a targeted following on your Facebook page who you can engage with and turn in to paying customers.

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