Both my wife and I are small business owner so I know first hand how hard it is to keep on top of all the latest social media news and run a business at the same time.

You are pulled in a hundred different directions each day and trying to keep tabs on what is happening in the world of social media that may impact or help your own business can get pushed aside for another time.

My idea with these list posts is to filter the social media news that I see each day and present to you great social media articles from the past week that will help you in your own online business to see better results.

I will mostly focus on Facebook as that is my area of focus now, but will be include news from other area of social media as well if I think they will help.

1, Three Facebook Link Sharing Techniques – Pros And Cons


SiteSell show you 3 different ways to share your links on Facebook. They cover the pros and cons of each linking type. A quick, useful read.

2, How an Online Facebook Offer Targeted at Fans Resulted in 9.5X ROI


I really like Jon Loomers posts. They are always insightful and written by somebody who is in the trenches everyday doing their own Facebook marketing.

Jon doesn’t write speculative articles, he writes about the things he had tried and tested himself. In this post, Jon covers an offer he ran on Facebook during Cyber Monday that resulted in a nice return on investment for him.

3, Facebook Holiday Contests: 12 Last-Minute Super Festive Ideas [Infographic]


This is a great infographic by the folks at Socially Stacked. Some of these ideas are guaranteed to boost engagement on your page and get more eyes on your brand during the holiday season.

I really liked the holiday themed fill in the blank status update ideas and ugly sweater photo competition idea.

4, The Facebook Conversion Formula: A Blueprint for Turning Fans into Customers


Jeff Bullas always features some good information about Facebook marketing on his blog and this post is no exception.

It a detailed guide showing you how to turn Facebook fans into actual revenue producing customers for your business.

This is something I love talking about and Jeff explains the concept easily.

5, Six Facebook Page Post Statistics Marketers Need To Know


Agora Pulse do a good job in this article of explaining some of the concepts of the Facebook page insights in an easy to understand way.

I know a lot of clients I deal with feel intimidated by the insights area of their Facebook page, it all looks a bit too statistical and complicated for them to get a handle on.

Insights are important though to learn what is working on your page and understanding what posts your fans are engaging with and what they are ignoring.

6, Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tips for Christmas


Social Bakers come up with ten simple concepts to keep in mind this holiday season when it comes to marketing on Facebook.

Using seasonal imagery is one idea I think a lot of Facebook pages overlook so it is nice to see it on this list.

7, The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ad Sizes


Social Media Today have put together a very nice Infographic showing you the different ad sizes that Facebook now use.

Even though Facebook have simplified their ad platform recently it can still be a confusing, especially if you are new to Facebook ads.

8, The Super Duper Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Strategy


In my opinion, Pinterest is a great platform to focus more on right now if you want to expand the social media presence of your business and drive more traffic to your website.

You may think Pinterest is still just for people to share their latest crafty creations, but it is turning into a serious traffic source and it actually now drives more traffic to publishers than Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Google+ combined.

This Super Duper Pinterest marketing guide gives a nice overview of how to set up a Pinterest account and use the power of Pinterest to market your business.


There are probably another dozen story links I could have added here that I think you would have found useful but these 8 articles are all informative and useful. I hope you enjoy them.

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I believe that social media marketing doesn't have to be complicated, that anybody can do it and see results from it without spending massive amounts of time micro managing it.

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