One thing I find many people are surprised about when it comes to Facebook pages is that 90 – 95% of all fans who like a page will NEVER return to that page.

That means that once a person likes your page and becomes a fan they will rely on what they see from your page popping up on their news feed to decide if they will engage further with your brand.

You see, Facebook have algorithms in place that prevent every update from pages a user likes from flooding their news feeds. They effectively hide the content they believe a user won’t be interested in.

So that means that just because you posted something to your page your fans may not see it in their news feed.

The best way to fix this is by increasing your Facebook post engagement. Getting more people to engage with your updates means having them share, like or comment on it.

By increasing engagement you are greatly increasing the likelihood of your updates showing up in people’s news feed, because the Facebook algorithm will mark it as worthy of sharing further.

So how do you exactly increase Facebook post engagement? This is probably the number one question I get asked by clients.

Firstly, you need to take stock of the updates you are already doing on your page and making sure you aren’t doing any of the following engagement killers:

1, Writing posts that are too long

Facebook’s news feed seems to get busier all the time, especially now ads are been featured in the feed as well. You fans will scroll down the news feed looking for something to grab them.

So what you want to do is keep your posts short and sweet and avoid a wall of text. Ideally, keep your posts under 100 characters and if have to go over that then, don’t exceed 250 characters.

If you have a detailed post then add it to your blog or website and link to it in your status update with a compelling call to action.

Studies show that posts with between 100 and 250 characters get around 60% more comments, likes and shares.

8-engagement killers-quote

2, Posting too much.

If you are adding new posts to your Facebook page every hour or posting multiple updates one after the other you are going to start annoying your fans and give them the feeling that you are spamming them. Pages that post too often was the number one reason people hide or unlike a page in recent studies.

Focus instead on quality over quantity and make sure the content you add provides value to your fans and is relevant to your page. Find a posting schedule that works for you.

3, Irrelevant Content.

The reason people liked your page in the first place was to get a better understanding of your niche or to learn more about the products or services your business offers. If you start posting content that is outside your niche on a consistent basis you are going to alienate your fans.

If you are posting that newest viral Youtube video or the latest funny cat meme you may see some engagement but you are also much more likely to see negative engagement unless your page is in a niche targeted towards users.

However, If you can find a way to tie that viral video in with your business in a seamless way then give it a go.

Also, the occasional personal post is actually ok – If you allow your fans a peek behind the curtain sometimes you will appear more human to them, but make sure you are doing it sparingly.

4, Posting complex content

You are going to see a big drop in engagement if you are asking your fans to respond to questions that are too broad, difficult to answer or need a lot of thought. You will intimidate your fans and they will simply keep scrolling to the next post in their news feed.

Instead, ask simple multiple choice questions, fill in the blank questions, a or b questions or make sure fans only have to use limited words to respond to your question. You have to make it easy for your fans to respond to your questions. See this example from JetBlue:

8-engagement killers-blank

5, Posting about anti-social topics.

I believe there are some subjects that are best avoided on Facebook brand pages. Politics and religion are two of the biggest subjects that can blow up in a very negative way and bring the wrong kind of attention to your page.

Attacking your competition or posting content that is way too personal are other post types that are best left alone.

Avoid the negative type posts and focus on positive content. There is nothing wrong with sparking a debate on your page, but keep it friendly and positive.

6, Treating Social Media marketing like traditional marketing

I find many business owners jumping on Facebook commit this mistake. They treat social media marketing the same as traditional marketing.

In traditional marketing you focus on pushing out information about your products or services. It is a one way dialogue. In social media marketing you are looking to spark that two-way dialog.

You need to ask questions of your fans, listen to them and respond if they need your help. If you show you really care about your fans in a sincere way they will reward you with more engagement.

7, Doing the hard sell

Following on from point 6, users love Facebook because it allows them to connect and interact with friends and family. You need to use that to your favour and post like you are an old friend of theirs. Use a conversational tone, post compelling, interesting content and respond to people who comment on your posts or page.

You can throw in a few self promotional posts here and there but your main focus should be on providing value in the content you post. Remember to be human and not some promotional posting robot.

8,  Posting the same content over and over.

Facebook is very image based so it no surprised that images in your posts will probably draw the most engagement in the form of likes and shares. You can use images to highlight features of your brand or show off your products for instance.

Text-only posts however, will generally receive the most comments, especially if we remember point 4, and keep the posts simple.

By varying the type of content you share you will keep things fresh and keep your engagement rate boosted.

I hope you have found this post insightful. Do you have any other engagement killers you could add to this list?

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I believe that social media marketing doesn't have to be complicated, that anybody can do it and see results from it without spending massive amounts of time micro managing it.

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