We are right in the midst of the holiday shopping season but there is still time for small business owners to boost sales using the power of Facebook marketing.

So want I wanted to do today was offer a list of very useful holiday Facebook marketing posts I have read recently that small business owners will find helpful to increase holiday sales.

In a recent study by Deloitte it is shown that 66 percent of consumers will shop local stores (small businesses and independent retailers) this holiday season and that local stores will make up 34 percent of consumers’ total holiday budget.

Shoppers really do want to support their local businesses instead of the big box stores and are on the look out for unique holiday gifts.

Your job as a small business owner is to the use the power of Facebook and other social media channels to show off your unique products and raise awareness of your local business to reach new customers and remind old customers you are still a great choice for their holiday shopping.

Here is a list of ten great posts I recommend reading that show small business Facebook page owners things they can do on their own pages now:

5 Perfectly Crafted Facebook Status Updates for the Holiday Season (Part 1)

facebook marketing driving holiday sales

On Amy Porterfields blog, Jim Belosic shows you ten great posts you can copy and make your own this holiday season. There is some really good information here about the power of storytelling and visuals that will get people motivated to visit your store.

4 Ways to Attract Holiday Shoppers on Facebook

facebook marketing driving holiday sales

On the Vertical Response blog they talk about 4 solid ways to attract holiday sale using Facebook. Tip number 1 is very powerful and something I think a lot of Facebook page owners overlook.

12 Holiday Facebook Post Tips


On the B2C blog they have come up with a great post showing 12 different holiday themed posting updates that have proven effective for driving engagement and increasing sales.

Caption this posts are a proven way to get more comments on posts.

Facebook Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

facebook marketing driving holiday sales

If you are looking for some fast holiday marketing tips you can use on your Facebook page this week then check out Social Media Todays post. It gives you four quick tips to help your small business boost sale over the holidays.

12 Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Marketing During the Holidays


This is another winning holiday post by Jim Belosic, this time on Mari Smith’s blog. You can read 12 ways to optimize your Facebook marketing during the holiday season. This is a pretty quick read but it covers some good things you should be doing with your Facebook marketing.

Social Media Marketing Tips For The Holidays


Over on the Antavo blog they have come up with a blog post showing 7 ways to drive sales and engage with your customers during this festive season.

Facebook Holiday Contests: 12 Last-Minute Super Festive Ideas


Do you want some holiday themed contest ideas you can use on your own Facebook business page? Well, how about 12 of them thanks to the great people over at Short Stack. I really like some of the ideas they have come up with here for status updates.

5 Wise Tips For Planning Your Facebook Holiday Campaigns


The fine people over at Post Planner give you five quick tips on planning out your Facebook holiday campaigns.

Tip number 4 is important. Increasing your Facebook advertising budget this time of the year will result in more sales if you are being smart about your marketing campaign goals.

I hope you found this list useful and will find some things you can use on your own Facebook page to increase sales this holiday season.

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