Last week I posted the first part of my Facebook ads case study. That post covered how I built my target audience for the ad, what my campaign goal was and why the image is the most important part of the Facebook ad.

In today’s post I want to share with you the results of that ad campaign and talk a little about how I am going to tweak the campaign further to hopefully improve conversions.

Campaign Overview and Reach

Here is a screenshot showing the basic overview from the past week this campaign ran:


My budget was 6 dollars per day, and I spent just over 38 dollars on this campaign over the 7 days. Certainly not a great deal – but at this stage I am just testing the waters to see which of the ads were going to convert the best before scaling further.

The potential unique people I could have reached with this campaign is 660,000 over a 30 day period.


Obviously, to really reach that many people you are looking at spending a larger amount of money every day than I did. In comparison to that potential audience, my campaign was seen by only 2,579 unique people over the 7 days.

The total amounts of “results” was 31. In the case of my campaign the “results” were page likes.

Winning Advert


As you can see I ran 6 adverts. Each ad used the same descriptive text, I just tweaked the picture with borders and calls to actions as shown in part 1 of this case study.

The clear winner was the very first advert in the campaign – it received the most “results” (likes), clicks and the best click-through numbers even though the reach was a little less than other ads in the campaign.

Here is a look at that advert:


A fairly simple image and I honestly thought this image would have seen better results:


With the border around the image and a call to action on the image itself I would have guessed the results and click-throughs from this image would have been the best. This advert however, was third overall and cost me a lot more to attain each page like.

The Next Step

In the next step of this case study I am going to keep the winning advert and play around with the text that accompanies the ad.

Although I believe the image Is the most important part of a good Facebook ad,  I do think having descriptive text with a good call to action can also help clarify what is been advertised, especially since you are only allowed 20% text on advert images.

Here is the text variations I am going to use with the ad:

  • Sociallution makes Facebook marketing easy
  • Sociallution Makes Facebook Marketing Easy – Click Here Now
  • Take control of your Facebook marketing efforts
  • Take Control of your Facebook Marketing Efforts – Click Here Now
  • Facebook fan page marketing tips
  • Facebook Fan Page Marketing Tips – Click Here Now

I played around with 3 different descriptions that were short and simple and add call to actions and capitalization to see if click-throughs will increase.

I will be keeping everything else the same including targeting the same demographic as mentioned in part one of this case study.

Looking Beyond The Like

As I have mentioned, the aim of this campaign is build likes to my Facebook page. To me though having more likes is a pointless exercise unless those likes can be converted to sales at some point down the line.

Really, what I am trying to do is build an engaged Facebook audience in the following way:

  • Target the right audience to like my page,
  • Once they have liked my page I will get them to trust me by helping them with their problems.
  • Once they trust me I will ask them for their email address in exchange for a free report.
  • Once they have joined my mailing list I will continue to provide value along with trying to sell them my Facebook marketing products.

Once you have engaged customers who you know are very interested in your niche you can much more easily get them to buy from you because they trust you.

However, it is a fine balance between offering consistent value and trying to sell to them. If you continually push your products or services but stop offering value then your engaged fans may just unsubscribe from your email list or unlike your Facebook page.

Right now I am in stage 1 one of this process – trying to find the right ads and target the best demographic that will attract fans who will engage with my page and then later buy my products.


In Part 3 of this case study I will be showing you which advert got the best click-through and actions with the change in descriptive text and I will talk a little about looking at Facebook reports to really break down who is clicking on the ads and taking action.

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