25-millionThe amount of small businesses that have setup a Facebook page is on the rise – now standing at 25 million.

This statistic comes from Dan Levy, Facebook’s Global Director of Small Business, who recently announced it at the Dreamforce conference.

Back in April, Levy said there were 15 million small businesses with pages, but they were only counting businesses that had a physical location, now they are also including ecommerce site and other online businesses.

According Levy, to be included in the SMB count 3 different criteria have to be met:

  • They must have logged in to their page or accessed their analytics over the past month.
  • They must be using a business page (instead of a personal one).
  • It can’t be a “managed client” (these are Facebook big money advertisers).

Facebook have really ramped up its efforts over the past year to help small business owners start a page and engage with the one billion users of the social media platform.

Facebook know that these small business owners have money to spend on advertising (over 1 Million already do advertise using Facebook ads) on their platform, but are cautious to change their ways and embrace new technology.

Facebook knew their old ad platform did look intimidating to the less tech savvy. Advertisers also told Facebook they wanted to create ads based on their overall goal or objective, not necessarily by the type of ads that would be displayed.

So Facebook recently came up with a new ad platform to simplify the process of running ads by making it easier for small business owners to advertise based on objectives. So now, SMBs can quickly choose if they want more page likes, click to their website or create an ad based on another business goal.

If you havent started your own Facebook page yet, or have a page but have been scared off by advertising before on Facebook because of how complicated it looks, this is honestly the best time to jump in a give it a try.

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