This is part 2 of my series showing small business who have a brick and mortar store how to boost in store sales using the power of Facebook.

In Part 1, which you can read by clicking here, I covered:

  • Setting up elements of your Facebook page correctly
  • Putting your products in the spotlight
  • Focusing on engagement
  • How to get more fans using Facebook ads.

Now, I want to show you 4 more techniques that small business owners can use to get more sales.

5, Run A Facebook Contest

Contests always get Facebook users excited and are a great way to get more fans in a short amount of time.

In August, Facebook changed the rules about competitions on Facebook pages. You no longer need to run a contest through a 3rd party app – you can now run them directly on your page and you can now accept “contest entries” by asking fans to like, comment, or message the page. This has made things easier for page owners.

Here are 2 contest examples that work like gangbusters to build engagement and get your fans talking:

Like To Win Competition

The “Like to Win” Contest is easy to set up and very easy for your fans to take part in and can really trigger a lot of interest in your page and business. You can choose a simple text update, a picture, a link or video can all be featured in the contest.

Get More Sales For Your Business Using The Power Of Facebook

As you can see in the image, Carmike Cinema ran a The “Like to Win” Contest on their Facebook page to win 2 cinema tickets. They generated over 7300 likes in a 24 hour period. An amazing success. Plus they will still make money on the concessions the winners buy!

Caption This Contest

Another great idea for a contest is a Caption This contest. Again, this is very easy to set up on your page.

Ideally you will use one of your own products in the photo where you can. Otherwise try to find a relevant photo to use.

Rigid Industries did exactly this in their Caption This photo. By showcasing their LED lights they not only generated lots of engagement on their page but they also reminded people how great their products are.

Get More Sales For Your Business Using The Power Of Facebook

6, How Boosting Posts Will Help Your Business

In part one of this series I talked about promoting your page using Facebook ads. Now I am going to cover boosting posts on your Facebook page.

The Reason I Like The Boost Post Feature:

  • It is very easy to set up and control the targeting.
  • You can spend very small amounts to test the ad.
  • You can measure the results of the boost easily.

Facebook have made the boost post feature very easy to use. If you a by The Facebook Ads manager then I recommend you give the boost post feature a try to get your feet wet in the world of Facebook advertising.

Here Is How It Works:

Underneath each post on your Facebook page you’ll see a “boost post” button.

Facebook marketing for local business

Click on or hover over this button and a new window will appear.


There are a few options here to use in your ad.

Firstly, you can choose the audience you are going after:

  • People who like your Page and their friends
  • People you choose through targeting

If you already have a number of fans on your page and you want to alert them to a new product or service you are offering I would select ‘People who like your Page and their friends’ option.

If you are trying to get new fans to your page then pick the ‘People you choose through targeting’ option.

If you pick the second option a few new options appear; Location, Age, Gender and Interests.


If you are a local business you will want to show your post to those that are within driving distance of your store. So change location to Cities and add your location. You can also pick how many miles out from the location you want the ad to show.

Hopefully you have a good idea of who you want to target with this ad. Think about who comes in your store the most. Set the age and gender and even interests to match that. The more targeted you make the ad the better it will do.

Pick your budget. You can spend as little as $5 to see how much engagement you can build. If the ad works well you can add more money later.

Getting more sales using your Facebook page

You can quickly see how many people you will reach depending on your budget and targeting in the Est. People Reached section.

Once you click the ‘Boost Post’ button it will be sent to the Facebook Ad review team.

Once the ad is live you can keep tabs on how it is doing quick by hovering over the boost post button again on the post.

The image below was from a post I boosted on my Sociallution page. As you can see you get access to engagement, age/gender and location statistics which are all useful.

Driving sales to your local store using Facebook

You can see my post attracted a lot more women than men which I found somewhat surprising.

The $5 I spent on boosting this post resulted in 5 clicks to my site, 1 page like and 1 post like. I also reached over 2400 people. Not a great result, but I didn’t break the bank seeing how effective it would be either.

Boosting Posts In Admin Area

You can also quickly boost your posts from the admin section that is located above your cover photo.

Boosting sales to your brick and mortar store using Facebook

7, Run A Facebook Offer

Facebook offers can be a great way to drive Facebook page visitors to visit your store. Ideally they will have to come to your business to claim their offer and then hopefully they will spend some more money while they are there.

How To Run An Offer

Click on the Offer, Event + tab above the status window on your page.

Facebook marketing for local business

A new window will show up with a number of options to choose from. I know this may look intimidating, but it is honestly very straightforward. I will break each option down for you.


First add a short, catchy headline. Try to use words like free, discount, special etc to attract interest.


The image is probably the most important part of the offer. it will be the first thing people will notice and pay attention to.

Driving sales to your local store using Facebook

Photos of people and your products will perform better than the logo. You can upload one or pick from ones already added to your page before.

Expiration Date, Claims Limit & Choose Audience

Next, you can add an expiration date and a claims limit along with a city, gender and age to target if you wish. Just like with post boosting, you want to make your offer ad as targeted as you can to be the most effective.

Lifetime Budget

Choosing a budget, the more you spend the more people your ad will reach.

More Options…

If you click the ‘More Options’ tag you will see the following:

Getting more sales using your Facebook page

Start Date

You can pick a date in the future if you don’t want to start your offer right away.

The Online Redemption Area

If you are looking for your fans to claim the offer in some way online you can add an url here.

You could point this link towards your payment form for instance, if you are offering discounts on a product you sell. You could also have a link to a printable coupon the redeemer has to bring into your store.

Terms and Conditions

Add any terms here you would like to run as part of the offer. i.e. only one coupon per customer.

After that you can click the ‘Create Offer’ button to make the offer live.

8, Build A Mailing List Inside Your Facebook Page

Social media is sexy but do you know what drives more sales? Email marketing. You may consider it passe but email marketing is something you NEED to be doing as part of your marketing plan for your business.

Did you know that email has nearly three times as many user accounts as Facebook and Twitter combined? That’s a whopping 2.9 billion.

A recent report by Custora found that over the past four years, online retailers have quadrupled the rate of customers acquired through email to nearly 7 percent.

One the best ways to get your Facebook fans on to your email list is through a custom Facebook tab on your page.

I would recommend a third-party app to do that unless you are comfortable with creating your own tab in CSS and HTML.

Here are 4 third-party apps you can use to build a mailing list right inside of Facebook:

Pagemodo – They offer an easy to use page creation facility with great templates

Tabsite – Lots of widgets you can use on your page including the E-mail Sign-up Form Widget

Heyo – Have some great templates with over 30 widgets you can easily add (e.g email collection wizard)

Lead Pages – I use their landing pages in my business to get people on my email list. They have lots of great templates you can quickly edit and use and one very useful feature is the one click Facebook page integration.

Over To You

I hope these 8 techniques haven give you some solid ways to boost sales using the power of your Facebook page. They are all quite easy to do.

If you have any questions about any of the techniques shown in the article then drop me a line in the comments.

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