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8 Essential Facebook Marketing Posts You Should Read

My idea with these list posts is to filter the social media news that I see each day and present to you great social media articles from the past week that will help you in your own online business to see better results.

I will mostly focus on Facebook as that is my area of focus now, but will be include news from other area of social media as well if I think they will help.

John Wood
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A Quick And Easy Way To Set Up A Facebook Page Tab

In my previous article about Facebook tabs I talked about how important they were for boosting engagement and capturing more leads from your Facebook page.

Now, the biggest problem with Facebook tabs is actually getting them set up in the first place.

If you were to create your own iFrame tab from scratch you need some knowledge of programming and have access to a web space with a secure socket layer otherwise Facebook won’t show the page you are trying to display in the tab.

John Wood
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