Facebook recently announced they would be putting greater emphasis in their news feed on post links that feature high quality content:

We’ve noticed that people enjoy seeing articles on Facebook, and so we’re now paying closer attention to what makes for high quality content, and how often articles are clicked on from News Feed on mobile.

What this means is that you may start to notice links to articles a little more often (particularly on mobile).

As a page owner, it is now more important than ever that as part of your content strategy you share links to quality content from your own website, or content you curate from other websites in your niche that you think will appeal to your Facebook fans and they will engage with.

Sharing this type of content means you will get more exposure in the news feed for both your page and the content you are pulling from your own website.

The Right Way To Share Links On Your Facebook Page

One thing I notice is that many page owners still don’t know the correct way to share a link on their Facebook page. It is actually quite simple.

Firstly, go to your page and copy and paste the link you want to share in the status box.

After a few moments an image should appear, along with a linked title, url and description.


After this you can delete the link in the status box but all the information that appeared will still stay and be posted.


You can now add any other relevant information about the article in the status box. Try and keep this short, ideally under 250 characters for better engagement.

Another neat thing you can do when pulling article links in to Facebook in this way is the ability to change the image, the title and the description.

Right underneath the image there is a link that allows you to upload your own image from your computer. You can also use the little arrows in the top left of the image if there is more than one image pulled from the article to see if there is one that is more eye-catching.

You can change the title and description areas by clicking on them and then adding or editing the text to your own preference.


By sharing links in this way you are going to give your page a cleaner look with no messy urls.

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