There is something very pleasing about seeing the like count on your Facebook page rising wouldn’t you agree?

 Maybe you added, 10, 50 or 100 new likes this week to your page but are those new fans REALLY engaging with your page?

I talk to page owners every day who focus almost solely on how many likes they have on their page – when really they need to start focusing on getting targeted followers who are genuinely interested in what their brand has to offer.

This is why the metric for “talking about this” is an important one. The number represents unique visitors who have created a story about your page by interacting with it over a one week period.

You can see the current number of people talking about your page under the title.

People talking about this facebook page

Stories are created when unique Facebook users do the following things:

  • like your page
  • post on your page wall
  • like a post or picture
  • comment on a post or picture
  • share a post or picture
  • RSVP to your page’s event
  • mention your page in a post
  • tag your page in a photo
  • check in at your place

Interactions such as viewing your page, seeing one of your posts in the news feed, clicking on a link, photo or video you have shared all DON’T count towards that PTAT number. So, basically a visitor to your page has to do something beyond just seeing your page and its content.

Another important thing to know about the PTAT metic is this: if a fan makes more than one story in a 7 day period such as commenting, tagging your page or RSVPing to an event it will only add one point to the PTAT number.

Why The Talking About This Number Matters

Before the TAT number was introduced it was very easy to mass add likes to a page to make it look more legit and established.

Pages with thousands of likes could spring up overnight and some marketers used this to take advantage of people, first getting them to like their page, and then pushing them to join random email lists, and joining other offers they got paid for.

Nowadays, the talking about this metric puts a big wrench in the works of that type of marketing. Pages that have thousands of likes but only a handful of people talking about it means either the likes aren’t real, or the content posted isn’t engaging in anyway.

If you are getting likes ethically then the TAT number becomes a very good gauge of how engaging people are finding your content, and that is a lot more important than the amount of likes you have.

Using Insights To Learn More About People Talking About This

By using your Facebook page insights, you can uncover exactly which of your content is engaging your audience the most. You can see which post was liked, shared or commented on the most. These are all important aspects of how the TAT score is calculated.

People talking about this facebook page

You can use these statistics to understand what content your fans are reacting to the best so you can focus on posting more content like that in the future.

For instance, if you see photo content you posted on your page is getting engaged with more than other types of content you can create more future updates using that type of content.

It is important to keep tabs on the post metrics. Sometimes, for instance a personal post can spark a lot of engagement on a business page, because you are allowing your audience behind the curtain so to speak.

However, if suddenly you start talking about your personal life in every post on your business page you will most likely find people tuning out unless you are amazingly entertaining.

How To Get More People Talking About Your Content

Try posting different types of good content at different times of the day to see what works best and what gets engaged with the most on a consistent basis. You should really know who your ideal fan is when starting your page so you should create content that you know will appeal to them.

Red Bull for instance know their ideal fan is young, fun loving and have an active lifestyle. If you look at the content they have posted on their Facebook page you will see most of it is videos and photos appealing to that demographic.

People talking about this facebook page

Once you know who your ideal fan is you can tailor your content to them and then refine it by looking at your posts engagement levels.

What do you think of the “talking about this” metric? Do you use it to help create your own content? Let me know in the comments.

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